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Guess Who I Am 

Don't think too little of the mental operations that your kids' minds are performing during the game!

#LogisGames #MoreThanMatching #ConservationofConstancies #Categorization #Age3+ #1+Players 

Guess Who I Am

(How to Play & Sharing of Speech Therapist Yan Yeung)

How to and Why Play《Guess Who I Am 》

Sharing of Speech Therapist Yan Yeung (Cantonese only)


What is your child absorbed in during the ten minute's play?
The lovely animal cartoons?
The fancy costumes?

The association to the animal world?

The cognitive satisfaction of spotting differences and similarities?


Magic Magnetic Cube (M CUBE)

Feel of tradition tangram + Skills of advanced 3D concepts + Ease of use with magnets

Puzzles that train up 2D/3D visualization 

#Geometry #SpatialLogic #ProblemSolving #TravelGame